The story of the Biscuiterie Afa and Fenech Family



In keeping with the great tradition, FENECH brothers started in 1983 the Biscuiterie of Afa, perpetuating family recipes, genuine links between the generations.

These recipes had been inherited from their mother Paulette who used to bake delicious canistrelli. Those who were lucky enough to taste them were unanimous.One day of August 1983, the two brothers launched canistrelli's production in the family's housefitted garage in Afa. Carmel, the oldest, experienced the success of their production during his first round : arrived in Ajaccio he was sold-out! 

Since then, success has been achieved, the company grew and today it employs a staff of about thirty.

The Biscuiterie of Afa, with its well-established expertise, its proven know-how and its modern and efficient production tool, has become a leader in its sector. It's always trying to push the riches of the Corsican soil.

Its wide range of Canistrelli and other Corsican cakes that melt tastes of yesterday and flavors of today, such as its specialties made of chestnut flour, clementine, corsican honey AOP (that means controlled designation of origin) and many more, delight gourmets from here and anywhere else.


The Biscuiterie of Afa was based on strong values by its fondators, such as family, work, honesty, love of their land Corsica and the respect for traditions and elders. That led them to the success.

Because ethics has an essential part in our company's culture, we have decided to produce canistrelli the responsible way. Respecting both our partners and associates, whether suppliers or custormers.

We are commited not to use products like palm oil, synthetic dyes and conservatives. We received an agri-food certification, the IFS (International Food Standard) for most of our products, that assured consumers they get high quality products. 

This certification forces us to respect vigorous rules around different important subject, both to administrative management and employees, cleanlyness and food safety but also on the whole environment.


Because Corsica is abondant in high quality raw materials, the Biscuiterie of Afa's taking more care in using local ingredients (and certified when possible). Therefore, the eggs,Corsican AOP chestnut flour, Corsican AOP honey, clementine, Corsican AOC white wine are locally produced. When raw materials are not available in Corsica, the company considers very important to select raw materials from the best soils.


The Biscuiterie of Afa offers a wide range of products that continues to be enriched through the years. From the traditional canistrelli in small crates or plastic bag to Corsican cakes or the metalic boxes, there is something for every taste here.  

Each year, the company makes its best to develop, more and more original and innovative new products. In 2015, 3 truck shaped boxes launched. These new models pay tribute to the itinerant seller (U Tragulinu) which toured the narrow streets of Corsica to sell his goods, delivering his clients at their doors.Through al its products, its online shop and its sales department, the biscuiterie d'Afa, maintains his close ties with the consumers. Thus, products from the biscuiterie d'Afa can be found in virtually all the shops in Corsica. Whether this is large scale distribution but in the most remote villages.